Belhaven, NC to Beaufort, NC-Day 5

Woke up early and Dad wanted to go for a walk.  I relaxed on the boat for a few hours while he explored the town and bought a new toilet (tupperware pitcher).  We only had 65 miles or 165 miles to go depending on where we went.  We decided that 165 was too far, so Beaufort NC was our destination.  The weather was perfect, very slight breeze and about 75 degrees.  We shoved off at about noon and went to the gas dock one marina over.  I hailed them on the VHF and asked if they had gasoline.  She said “Negative Captain, we are all out”.  I responded with “Bummer.”  I guess I should have known looking at their sign which was pretty much blown away.


Dad is pretty sure this boat has a 100 gallon tank, but according to the gas gauge it seems more like 75 gallons.  When we filled up on the Chesapeake the gauge showed an 8th of a tank and fit 65 gallons.  So either we have a 75 gallon tank or the gauge is wrong.  Hopefully it’s the latter.  We have a little over a quarter of a tank showing on the gauge, which means either 50 gallons according to dad, or about 20 gallons if the gauge has been right all along.  I looked it up later, and it is in fact a 100 gallon tank, so we were fine.  But at the time I wasn’t so sure.  I wanted to stop at Oriental NC to fill up, but Dad was so confident that he said lets just get to Beaufort.  We made a deal, if we ran out of gas, he would give me $1000 for not listening to me.  With that, I didn’t care either way so onward we went. 


At some point after cruising for a while, dad mentioned that one of these nights we needed to drink the bloody marys he had prepared.  To which I replied bloody marys are for morning, not night.  So he decided no time like the present and made us each one.  “Just one”. 


It was an absolutely gorgeous day and four bloody marys later we were feeling great.



We arrived at Beaufort, NC at about quarter to 5pm.  It’s a beautiful town with lots of café’s etc.  It seems like a great small town to live in.  He hung out on the boat for a while and then went to a delicious little bistro and had some apps and a drink. We decided we were going to go to a few different places and get an app at each one.  The second place we went to was our marina’s restaurant.  We ordered two more apps, including the giant nachos.  We also got 2 free drinks for staying at the marina and cashed our coupons.  The nachos were disgusting, but we ate them anyway.  The view from the restaurant was amazing though and I am sure that is how they stay in business.


After nachos and sunset, dad decided he was ready for bed.  I decided I was ready for the bar.  So I went and found a bar.  It was huge, but only had 3 patrons.  2 girls and one guy.  They reminded me of the type of people who would be on the Jerry Springer show.  I didn’t even try to break into their weird idiotic conversation.  I was drinking my beer and I puked a little bit of nachos in my mouth and decided that it was also time for me to go to bed.  So I left my half remaining beer and went to bed.


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