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Well, the time is here.  I am moving across the country.  Florida here I come.  For the drive out there I have mapped out the following drive.  If anyone has any suggestions on stuff to do on the way, feel free to let me know.

Driving Route

Driving route

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Woodland creature pool project

A friend of mine made me this picture based on the Water Woes story

Raccoon Pool

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Water woes.
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I had a problem with my water bill because my water main burst. The biggest problem is that I was out of town for two weeks so the water was running full blast for nearly the entire time. I replaced the water main line into my house, then got my water bill which was a killer. So I sent the following note to the water company:
My Letter

Here is the reply I received back from the City of Bellevue. Pretty funny:

The next morning, after sending the letters out to some of my friends, I received this email:

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